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You ever hear the one about the American girl trying to go to the grocery store on Good Friday?

Why you gotta spoil a perfectly fine repost/reblog/retweet with a disgusting/offensive handle?

Read more than you write. In expressing the ambition to be a writer, you are committing yourself to the community of other writers. Your originality will mean nothing unless you can understand the originality of others. What we call originality is little more than the fine blending of influences.

Be ruthless in your use of what you’ve seen and what you’ve experienced. Add your imagination, so that where invention ends and reality begins is undetectable.

Be courageous. Nothing human should be far from you.

LITERATURE: Teju Cole’s 20 Rules On Writing | Neo-Griot (via ethiopienne)

Writing: how to

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Have a Sibidie giving no “F’s”.

Have a Sibidie giving no “F’s”.


10 Things…Finding Your Audience from Muddy Colors

Portrait of Leonard Bernstein, during his final concert

You’re the student everybody pointed to in grade school and said “she’s the artist in the class.” You grew up drawing and making things. You were the arty one. All art interests you. And you like to work in all mediums because, after all, you’re The One.

I get a lot of questions when critiquing a portfolio about how one goes about finding work, getting hired, making a name, finding an audience. How does one go about it?

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How Not To Make a Graphic Novel « The Hooded Utilitarian

I’m not sure if I comprehend all these lessons yet, but I’m sure I will someday.

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Doodles form finals…

Anonymous asked: I've been in a funk lately regarding my drawings, nothing that I draw is good enough in my mind and its not as fun anymore to draw. I've always been VERY overly critical of my stuff but its getting worse. I try to just look back at my progress but it isn't helping. Do you have any advice? I love your blog by the way it's my favorite!!


For me, this happens OFTEN. Take comfort; I believe it’s a good and necessary part of the cycle artistic progress:

If you see something in your work that never bothered you before, it’s because you’re recognizing it for the first time, which means you can now improve it!  I hope that helps.



Download over 250 art books for free here



Download over 250 art books for free here


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How to Draw Hair - YouTube

How to hair

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tiny tutorial thing I meant to make for the people I sometimes help out on portefolios : ) just wanted to share perspective doesnt have to be a bugger, yknow ? 

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Happy Spring! (???)

Happy Spring! (???)